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3D Printing

We are now offering 3D printing services. We recently aqquired a rather large 3D printer from SeeMeCNC.com. We picked up one of their Rostock MAXV2 delta printers. This printer is capable of printing very fine resolution, as low as 100 micron. Aside from it's resolution, it has a very large build volume. We can print anything inside a cylinder measuring Ø11.0" x 14.75" tall. We can print all types of materials from the commonly used ABS and PLA to exotic materials like woodfill, ironfill, copperfill and more. There is also many flexible filaments like thermoplastic polyuyrethane and ninjaflex for applications where you need flexability.

Here is an example picture of a planetary gear system we printed. After removing from the build platform you are left with a fully functional geartrain assembly. There are 20 gears in this one assembly, all printed at one time.





Weather it's a prototype industrial part or a sculpture for art purposes, we can print virtually anything. Here are some more examples of what can be done.





Here is another example of a consumer product that is very simple, but very effective. The switch cover prevents this swtich from accidently being shut off.






Below is example of another consumer product that is a docking station for your smart phone. The dock acutally amplifies the sound by redirecting the sound to a megaphone.



If you have an idea or project that you'd like to get started, consider 3D printing. It's a very cost effective way to get your idea into a physical part. Send us an email with your ideas, and we will help you bring them to life. info@benchtopprecision.com