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A Small Improvement


Our belt drive kit for the G0704/BF20 mills is a great upgrade for this style of mill. One of the features that was a must when designing the kit, was to keep the quill fully functional. The bearing carrier that is supplied with the kit replaces the entire main drive gear assembly that has female splines to accept the male splines on the spindle. In order for these two mating splines to move freely and keep the quill functonal there needs to be clearance. This clearance can cause a small amount of backlash between the male and female splines. What this omits to is a slight rattling noise when the spindle is under power. It's no where near as loud as the stock gears vs the belt drive, but it can be annoying at higher spindle speeds. 

With the help and idea of an early beta tester we made a subtle change to the spindle nut that should pretty much eliminate any annoying backlash noise. The design has o-rings that now surround the spindle nut that will lightly compress to the inside of the bearing carrier wall, preventing the spindle to freely "clank" around inside the female spline.

There have been others who have 3D printed a plastic dampener that presses down over the spindle splines essentially achieving the same result. We considered this approach, as we recently acquired a SeeMeCNC Rostock MAX V2, but there is slight size variations between machine manufactures and this can make fitment a nightmare. 

All belt drives from here on will have this new spindle nut design. We will transfer this design to our power draw bar for the top hat that will replace the spindle nut. More on this very soon. 

The new spindle nut will be available to purchase individually for those who have an older style nut and would like to upgrade to the new design.