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G0704 Belt Drive Kit shipment date

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There have been a lot of questions about the shipment date of the belt drive kits so I thought I'd explain why the lead time is the way it is.  There has been a huge demand for the belt drive kits since they have been available for sale, and because of this, it has been nearly impossible to keep them in stock.  There is a great amount of time and effort put into these kits to make them as perfect as they can be for every customer.  Because the demand is growing, I have pushed the shipment date out further for new orders.  Doing this is allowing more time to finish up orders for current customers that have been patiently waiting.  If you have a current order awaiting shipment, do not be alarmed if you see the shipment date change on our website.  The shipment date on your original receipt at time of purchase will remain your ship date.  The current ship date listed on the website is for customers who placed an order on the date listed, and after.

Any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me.