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G0704 Belt Drive Update


You may have noticed that the G0704 belt drive kit is now a "pre-order" item. This is due to the fact that we are so busy trying to fulfill orders that some orders are overlapping others causing major delays in shipments. At the beginning of February we decided to try something a little bit different as to how the belt drive orders will be handled. Basically how it's going to work at the moment is that all G0704 belt drive kit orders will be pre-ordered for the month ahead. In other words, if you were to order a belt drive right now, being early March, your order will be shipped on or before the last day in April. And like wise if you were to place an order at the beginning of April, your order would be shipped on or before the last day of May. I hope that makes sense and can clear up any concerns for you as the customer.

We decided to push out the G0704 belt drive kit orders in one month batches because this allows us to provide a much more accurate time frame for you as the customer, and also allows us to keep the orders much more organized and under control. We felt it was necessary to explain the method behind the madness for the newly tagged "pre-ordered" item. We didn't want you as the customer to be confused as to what was going on. Ideally we would like to have these kits on the shelf, in stock, ready to pull. At the moment the demand is too high, and it's just not possible. 

Being this busy is a great problem to have as they say, but we just wanted to be clear as to what is going on, again, so their is no confusion for you the customer.

If anyone has questions, you can use the contact form or email us direct info@benchtopprecision.com

We appreciate all the business and support over the past few years and can only hope business will continue to grow.