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Some new products added....

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We added two new products to our inventory. Both are G0704 belt drive kit related. 

The first one is pretty obvious and should have been done sooner. We now have replacement belts available for purchase. This can replace your worn out belt on your G0704 belt drive kit or you can purchase this belt with the pulley kit and build your own!

The second product is one we use to get requests for every now and then and we would make as per the customers request. As of late, it has been a much more common request, that we decided to make it available for normal purchase. We now have two new motor plates available to mount an IEC 3phase motor to our belt drive kit. D80C and D71C are the two frame sizes. 

These are metric IEC 3phase motors. The most common lower horsepower, general purpose 3phase motor used in the states has to be the 56C frame motor. The 56C frame motor is considerably bigger then the metric IEC motors. The D71C goes up to 3/4hp, where the D80C goes up to 1-1/2hp. A 3phase motor with a VFD is by far the best way to go for power, reliability, and control. Most VFD's have the ability to be controlled via a 0-10V analog signal. This signal can be a simple potentiometer, or it can be a signal driven from a PWM signal from CNC controllers such as Mach3/Mach4.

(Front-D80C Rear-D71C)

Here is a customer who has mounted a 1-1/2hp D80C to a G0704 by using our belt drive kit and the D80C adapter plate. As you can see the motor is a tight fit. 

Both these products can be found under the G0704/BF20 belt drive catergory.